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Wholesale Buyers

Supplier of Conventional & Certified Organic Pecan

  • We understand how important it is to our customers that we deliver consistently high quality Australian pecans.

  • To ensure we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, we work closely with each of our pecan suppliers (farmers) to achieve the best possible quality directly from the paddock to you.

  • Our approved supplier process ensures growers comply with strict guidelines regarding the usage of agricultural chemicals, farming practices and other issues of critical importance to pecan quality and food safety.

  • The Pecan Farmers’ Co-operative of Australian have developed specifications that meet the needs of our customers.

  • We continually test our suppliers product to ensure it meets our specifications for items such as saleable kernel percentage, moisture level and reject product. Any product that does not meet our specifications is identified and removed from the supply storage. The end result means you get more of the good quality kernel that you paid for.

  • We are careful to maintain the appearance of our product by minimising the damage through careful handling at every stage throughout the process.

  • Samples of our product are supplied to buyers before purchase to ensure the quality of product is well understood and accepted prior to it leaving the farm gate.    


To talk and buy pecans, please contact one of our team.  We’d love to hear from you.

Quality Australian Pecans that you can trust!


Bulk Nut in Shell

Nut In Shell Packing Line.jpg

Conventional & Certified Organic

Bulk Pecan Kernel

Pecan Kernels

Conventional & Certified Organic

Fancy Halves, premium tasting and visually appealing, sweet & golden in colour. Conventional & Organic available.

Bulk Pecan Pieces

Pecan Pieces.jpg

Conventional & Certified Organic

Pecan Pieces, perfect for baked goods, muesli, breakfast foods, health foods, whole foods, confectionery

and ice-creams. 

For more product details, download a copy of our Product Specifications Sheet.

For Sales, Pricing & Quantities available,

please contact our Sales Manager direct, Geoff Bugden on 0410 531 561


The Pecan Farmers' Co-operative of Australian is Australia’s largest supplier of Certified Organic Pecans

Our Promise to our Buyers

Our Promise to our Buyers

For more information, download a copy of our Wholesale Buyer Information Pack.

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