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Environmentally Responsible Footprint

Our Pecan farmers are committed to clean, green production and the world’s best practice farming methods. This includes conservation of our soils, our waterways, our reefs and our air for generations to come.  


Our farmers actively embrace biological, regenerative and organic farming practices, with many of our growers leaders in their  communities of Soilcare, Landcare and Re-gen Farming groups. 


Away from their country of origin (USA), pecan production in Australia has no major pests or diseases.  Combined with a strong bio-security plan, Australian pecan farmers have the luxury of growing pecans 100% pesticide free, providing a far better option of farming for the environment, the bees and native fauna and a far healthier food option for our consumers.


With Pecan trees being dormant during the winter period, trees become water efficient without reliance of irrigation water for at least 4 months of the year.  The falling of the autumn leaves provides ground mulch for moisture retention and an excellent environment for soil micro-organisms to thrive.


Our receival depots use 100% of all waste, with reject nuts being used as compost ingredients to be broken down and fertilised back onto the pecan orchard.  The high oil content of the nuts may also make excellent fodder sources for livestock.


The 200,000 trees currently planted (and increasing each day) help reduce Co2 in our atmosphere 24hrs a day, 365 days per year.

Many of the new orchards are converting old conventional cropping farms to “tree farms” which continues to improve our environment each and every day.

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